Time To Choose A Side In This Ebola Rift

Time to choose a side, and stick to it:

Friday 17th October has made up my mind on which side of this rift to stand on about the current Ebola crisis in Africa and other affected countries. This is not a decision mad easily, one that has been made up through mountains of research since early this year, and one that will lose the attention of many that assume that Ebola is nothing more than a lie. So to those that think it is a lie I am going to assume that your decision has been made up through zero research, and more public hearsay. I’ve tried to stay as unbiased for this long and the warring factions of either side of this government psy-op have driven me to chose a side because I have noticed those who think this is all an over hyped lie are the ones that are missing out on critical information. Information that could well save your life if this evil disease was to ever come in close contact with yourselves, being the same country, state, county, town, street, etc!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with what a psychological operation or psy-op is, let me tell you, you’re all being put to good use during this huge operation. That operation has an endgame as does all operations. During these psy-ops the aim is to confuse and control minds on mass via the means of mainstream media (check out Operation Mockingbird)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird This Operation Mockingbird utilised by the CIA in the 1950’s still exists today in a different form, and could well be even more powerful to the masses. Going by the herding methods witnessed by me on the unsuspecting masses, that still to this day think our governments are there to care for them, not yews them as farm animals in a game of profit and ultimate greed.

This endgame is going to become very apparent by the end of the year. It will come in the form of either a panic vaccine where most people will flock in their herds due to there irrational, uneducated, some what indoctrinated panic, to willingly be vaccinated by a “fast-tracked” untested vaccine, or there will be a mandatory vaccination. This will be depending on how real you’re willing to accept this situation is and start demanding real prevention methods before containment is all we have left.

I am about to dump some information that will either change your way of thinking, or cause you to hit the unfriend button through an act of not wanting to pull your head out of the proverbial sand pit. Granted, over the past decade or so there has been some way over hyped viruses such as Swine Flu (H1N1) and Bird Flu (H5N1) that has helped to make up the minds of a lot of people in the form of mistrust towards these new warnings of a potentially devastating disease. Ebola is NO joke, and does not discriminate over borders, politics, race, religion, or how much money you have. Ebola doesn’t care if it’s thriving in the red dirt of Africa, or the concrete jungles of America. In fact, you had better be ready for it to spread a damn sight faster in America than it has done in the past 8 months in multiple African nations. In the “developed” world we have more densely populated societies, public transport on a greater scale, businesses and industries where hundreds of millions of people interact on a daily bases. If there was to be a preferred environment for Ebola, the developed world would be it.

Out of anybody in doubt or in firm disbelief of the genuine threat of Ebola, who knew that Ebola has been “of interest” to the US military since the 1970’s as a biological weapon for reasons none other than the potential devastation of the virus. Yes there are more deadly viruses out there, but none with an incubation period as large as Ebola, and a kill ratio of anywhere between 25% – 90% depending on the strain of the virus, Zaire strain having the highest infection and mortality rate. For a virus to mutate so perfectly it would have to have been engineered in a lab, the Kenama Bioweapons Lab in Sierra Leone for example. Here is an excerpt from the “Human Ebola Virus Patent” link as follows………

The family Filoviridae consists of two genera, Marburgvirus and Ebolavirus, which have likely evolved from a common ancestor. The genus Ebolavirus includes four species: Zaire, Sudan, Reston and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) ebolaviruses, which have, with the exception of Reston and Côte d’Ivoire ebolaviruses, been associated with large hemorrhagic fever (HF) outbreaks in Africa with high case fatality (53-90%)”

I would also like you to know what the above form of Ebola will do to you if contracted. You will not just get the on set of “flu like symptoms” that is the picture the mainstream media has been painting for you all to imagine, but more of a massive internal haemorrhaging where you insides literally break down on a cellular level, and causes you to bleed from every orifice. (pictures below paint a much more accurate picture to what you’re seeing on the nightly BS reports from the useless mainstream media.)

Let’s have a look at some the logistic figures that has come to light for Liberia for the next 6 months:
Liberia has request in an order 84,841 body bags, 989,985 haz-mat suits, 2,3807,54 boxes of examination gloves, 219,377kg of Chlorine powder……ect ect. That’s just Liberia in the next 6 months. Just imagine the size of the operation for logistics if Ebola were to ravage the US in the next 6 months. The numbers will be unfathomable.

Why does the western countries, US & UK send troops who have 0 training in dealing with a pandemic situation and not doctors trained in those situations? Because our troops will apparently be building hospitals and quarantines. Seriously, the US and UK are saying African nations are in capable of building such things. If you believe that crap, read this,


Has the fact that 1332 Nigerian peace keeping troops being quarantined in Liberia after coming in contact with ONE Ebola victim, a Sudanese man. Yet our troops are needed over there to become the same statistic.http://allafrica.com/stories/201410100266.html

Why aren’t companies in the so called civilised developed world jumping to the occasion to sell and make profit from this situation? Maybe they’re keeping all this kit for our own countries?
Again it’s like our countries want this to break out, or wipe out a huge portion of the population of Africa that’s for sure. On a much more larger scale, and darker still, perhaps maybe it’s the global elite picking off these countries one by one as the global depopulation programme rolls into play.

Somewhere between the lines of a mass kill off, and cui bono is the answer to all this blatant disregard for fellow humans. I’m willing to place all my money on the collapse of the financial system, which will result in the collapse of society, and the means to sustain the current population as it stands, when greed has reset everything back to 0. Keep an eye on the stock markets, things aren’t looking too rosy right now as it happens, and talks of ANOTHER recession are already being spoken of, except this coming recession will pop the bubble of all bubbles that has been keeping our economies artificially inflated since after the 2008 stock market crash.

I am not telling you all this to scare or panic you, I’m sharing the facts of what I know and have learnt over this year that I feel people need to take into consideration before jumping to conclusions. I have repeatedly told people in my posts “not to worry” or “not to panic” or “don’t let fear take control of your actions.” Just research little bits of what I have posted to keep your eye on the ball. To act cavalier as though Ebola isn’t dangerous, or not going to affect you directly is just stupidity at the highest level. That’s where sticking your head in the sand is most people’s comfort zone. It’s like your fight or flight mechanism has ceased to work. It will be survival of the fittest in a sense, as nature intended. The fittest being those who have prepared mentally and physically for such scenarios.

If it makes you feel better you can continue to listen to this defecation, Obama, “I hugged and kissed Ebola nurses.”


This is the mollycoddling process mainstream media force and expect you to accept as truth, and may as well be classed as a form of aiding, or being an accomplice to a murder on a huge scale. How is that preparing anybody for what Ebola and the above variants are capable of unleashing on the world.
It somewhat reminds me of the Japanese government saying to it’s people during the catastrophic nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011 where an official stated “if you’re smiling you will have no radiation affects.” That is no different than Obama claiming to have been hugging and kissing Ebola nurses, because let’s face it, if super human Obama can’t contract Ebola, neither can the rest of us!

It’s just setting a lot of people on an unsafe path to destruction. Especially still claiming that Ebola does not have airborne capabilities, and that’s after Canadian health officials, and world health officials claimed that Ebola can travel in suspended droplets of bodily fluids from coughs and sneezes, and can be contracted from becoming in contact with an infected person from within 3 feet away or within the same room. I’m sure nurse Nina Pham would disagree with Obama’s claims, and I’m 110% sure it wasn’t Nina Pham Obama was hugging and kissing. What a load of steaming horse shoot!
The following web address was scrubbed as a result of information suppression. You can still see the original URL at the top of the screen or in this link-


Remember what the endgame is, and look into what that endgame is going to be before racing to the points of dispersion (POD’s) for you “fast-tracked” untested vaccine which will more than likely be Zmapp, of course it’s still in it’s experimental phases and should be for the next 10 – 20 years which is the time frame for many vaccines to pass testing ready for human usage.



If you disagree entirely in what I have had to state in this post, please write up your own post to contend with the facts I have brought forward. I can no longer go about excepting that this threat of Ebola isn’t real, and the endgame isn’t pushing unthinkable numbers of vaccines on entire countries, whilst in the procedure of writing up plans for mandatory quarantines for 21+ days, and martial law. It’s only a matter of time before you realise, this isn’t going away!

– Chris Yates

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