Bowling With Ebola In New York, New York

It was confirmed that on Thursday Afternoon EST, in New York, that the cities first Ebola case had been recorded which in it’s self blows holes right through the Ebola screening checkpoint BS being implemented at most, if not all western countries airports. We should all know by now that these screenings points are just another one of your rights being stripped away as you hand over your official papers. It has nothing to do with finding, and stopping Ebola cases from entering any borders which has been proven time and time again as a waste of time and effort. Dr. Craig Spencer who works with Doctors Without Borders, was returning from one of the most Ebola stricken countries in west Africa after treating Ebola patients in Guinea. Dr. Spencer was showing no symptoms at the time of arrival at JFK International airport which aided him through screenings of Ebola and proved once again that they are flawed from the ground up.
Dr. Craig Spencer had returned to the US on October 17, again not showing any symptoms of Ebola. Fast forward to the 21st October Dr. Spencer had spent the evening out socializing friends at a local bowling alley. Apart from feeling a little fatigued he was still showing no symptoms of Ebola. October 22nd the next day Dr. Spencer places himself in quarantine after developing a fever. Too little too late in my books, but who am I to say.
Dr. Spencer was rushed to Bellevue Hospital with reported signs of fever and gastrointestinal symptoms less than 24 hours after bowling with friends. This brings us to present day October 24th and me especially shaking my head in utter disbelief at how all of the above could have taken place with “ramped up Ebola screening procedures” and protocols implemented by the totally incompetent Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Yet another outbreak that could have been fully prevented IF protocols were in place to PREVENT an outbreak of Ebola, not contain an outbreak of Ebola. The simplest of procedures should be implemented at this moment in time, and that would be to quarantine every single Doctor, Nurse, aid worker, and even tourists arriving from Ebola stricken countries for a minimum of 42 days, no questions asked. If this simple procedure cannot be implemented and made mandatory, Ebola cases will continue to show up where the obvious preventions should have been in place. Better yet, stop all international flights from theses affected countries from entering our borders. It’s one or the other, because as the saying goes, “there’s no point in crying over spilt milk” prevention is key, and it ain’t happening.

If you think that the correct procedures are in place at this present time, and that official government bodies have their work cut out for them, or maybe you feel a little sorry for Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the CDC because his line of work so overwhelmingly difficult to keep on top of, then perhaps maybe you should read up on the amazing efforts made in Nigeria in defeating Ebola. If you’re not familiar with the efforts made by Nigeria, this article is a worthy read to better understand what has to be done to defeat such a virulent disease such as Ebola. This is where commerce comes last and prevention for once becomes the main concern for ALL affected within a border of a country. In my eyes, Nigeria has put the CDC to shame, which isn’t hard going by the idiotic efforts made so far by the CDC.

It is funny though when you start looking for the reasoning behind such sloppy handling of such a potentially overwhelming disease such as Ebola you come across snippets of information from none other than the Conmandering Thief himself Mr Barack Obama. From the horses mouth, Ebola is nothing more than test run for something much more deadly with airborne capabilities.
“There may come a time some time in the future where we are dealing with an airborne disease that is much more easier to catch, and is as deadly, and in some ways has created a trial run for the federal state and public health officials as well as the American people to understand the nature of………”
You could tell from that interview that he had slipped up without his teleprompter of which he relies upon, as does all our world leaders when it comes to releasing information to the press. You could tell Obama went straight on to damage limitation and began mopping up his mistake. For most this interview would pass over their heads as just another Obama interview with little point of paying attention. This is where you need to read between the lines of what he said.
Is Ebola just a practice run for something much bigger, more virulent, and more deadly?
That’s up to you to decide, because this is just my opinion based on facts spoken by officials, and actions taken by officials also.

I wish Dr. Craig Spencer a speedy recovery, and I pray that if there are any other further cases linked to Dr. Spencer that they are minimal if any at all. I feel like I’m repeating myself when I say this, but it’s time to wise up to the sloppy actions of the CDC and start demanding real actions are set in place to further reinforce the preventions of Ebola coming to a city or town near you. I know with a bit of hard work you can change the course of any situation. With the help of a good friend we set up a step by step protocol on what to do in the case of a possible Ebola patient was to show up at a near by clinic or health centre. If it wasn’t for our efforts these protocols would not have been in place until maybe it was to late. Every little helps, and everybody can play the smallest of rolls to help make the biggest of changes.

– Chris Yates



7 thoughts on “Bowling With Ebola In New York, New York

    1. It was ridiculous what came out of obamas mouth the other day. It’s like they’ve been backed into a corner and have no other option but to start dropping the obvious truth bombs we all knew all along.

      I’m in the middle of constructing a website to house all of my work and make sharing easier, and viewing more aesthetically pleasing. Also I’m pissed with finding my blogs on websites covered in commercials making money off my work. That is not of my intention. This work is to help better inform people, not profit like those band waggoners jumping on the next big thing, and profit from suffering. Sick people out there!

      Thanks buddy 🙂

      1. Thanks man. Future posts will be emailed if you’d rather me do that. To be fair, once this website is fully constructed, hopefully by this evening, I will have to reactivate, or start a new Facebook page to buffer this website. I need a team of people to get this up and running, so facebook is a must!
        The family are more than happy to have me create a website instead of spamming facebook with what they called offensive material. Some people just get ashamed of a good deed if it’s not mainstream and in the realms of pop culture.
        I said I’ll be back 🙂

      2. You don’t have to email them to me. I get a notification when you post something on here. I just thought that if you have anything that you don’t want to post, you could use my email.
        I knew you would be back. Good luck with the new website. 🙂

      3. Sorry I misunderstood you there. I see what you mean now. There will no doubt be huge piles of info I come across on a daily basis I can’t post. I just wait until they become relevant and send them to the right people. You will now be one of those people, thank you 🙂

      4. Thanks. Will you delete my comment with my email address on it after you write it down? I don’t really want the whole world to have it. 🙂

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