Russia Hits Back At Western Blackmail

Geopolitical Update:

Within the last 48 hours another puppet president for the global elite has set the world stage for some pretty interesting times ahead. Vladimir Putin warns of nuclear power consequences after Barack Obama posed threats made towards Russia at the UN General Assembly last month on September 24th. Barack Obama had stated that “Russia was one of three threats that face humanity” along side the Ebola virus, and ISIS.

Russia’s Mr Putin was interviewed by a Serbia’s Politika newspaper on Tuesday ahead of his visit to the Balkan nation on Wednesday 15th October. During the interview Mr Putin vented his outrage towards the rhetoric use by Mr Obama and reminded him that “Russia’s partners should remember the risks involved in disputes between nuclear powers.” He also stated “It’s futile for the U.S. and its allies to blackmail Russia over the Ukraine crisis.”

What Mr Putin is referring to as “blackmail” is the western backed Ukrainian capital Kiev, and the MH17 flight that was reportedly shot down by a Russian BUK missile system just off the Russian border in Donetsk, Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew on board. In the weeks following this crash and it’s piss poor investigation into the circumstances of how the 777 was brought down, it became very apparent, pictures will prove (with this post), that the airliner was shot down by small projectiles being fired into the cockpit area, de-pressurising the flight, and killing the captain and co pilots instantly. There were no signs of any “unexpected explosion” as stated in the official preliminary report. There is however radar data that shows Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jets tailing the 777 in it’s last moments of flight. (This side of the story was suppressed from MSM.)
This also goes hand in hand with the apparent video footage that was shot the day before the 777 was was brought down. The footage was released onto the internet a day early catching Kiev red handed in the process of framing Russia. (2minute video)

This was all a plot to give the US and her allies to have legitimacy in a ground invasion in the west of Ukraine primed for any form of assault on Russia.
Coupled with these spineless accusations are that of the financial aspects of the sanctions that are being forced on Russia via the US and allies, affecting all sectors of their economy, as well as that of European farmers I might add. Mr Putin states that “this approach can be nothing more than hostile.”
I agree, I honestly do agree. Who in their right mind would beat a bear around the head with a stick and not expect any form of retaliation. Unless that it’s retaliation you require as your desired outcome.

Russia are not stupid, and they will not stand for these types of allegations, and “blackmail” it will be futile to do so. Now what Mr Putin has set into motion on the world stage is firstly remind the west of the consequences when dealing with nuclear super powers, because our leaders do need reminding of that from time to time. Yet as of late I do wonder about the mental stability of our leaders to even pay heed to such threats.
Secondly, Mr Putin could bring forth the strategic capabilities for stability of the region. Now we should all know that if someone points a gun at you, you’re going to point one right back at the aggressor, so this is no different. Nobody wants the thought of a puppet leader with his finger on the big red button.

Now rest assured, maybe, with all this nuclear sabre rattling, I don’t think you’re ever going to see nuclear fall out. There’s just too much at stake here, and there will be no victors of this type of war. The powers are never going to let it happen because we’ve witnessed nuclear silos being taken off line by an enemy, so we know that that technology exists, and we’ve seen missiles intercepted in mid flight. If a nuclear strike was to happen, it would be because the powers that be let it happen for what ever reason, and I highly doubt it will have been a nation that was behind such a strike, perhaps maybe a splinter cell with no affiliation to any country, which could well be the next chapter in the book of fear porn, who knows?! All we know is, if you’re not scared, you no longer need the political leaders as someone to rely on keeping you all safe from imaginary dangers. That’s why I laugh when fools like Obama make wild accusations out to the world, like Russia being as much of a threat to humanity as “Ebola, and ISIS.”

Now with all that aside, let’s get back to the preparations Mr Puitn is making as of late. With these statements I see it as Mr Putin hinting at making a move. Russia has not long ago brought a lot of tactical nukes down into the region of Crimea, Also for the first time Russia have moved all troops from the border of Ukraine. You should be able to remember the volume of so called news in the mainstream media raising the trumped up numbers of Russian troops and military hardware of Russia within only a couple of miles of the border of Ukraine. Why it was a problem for a country to hold their own military hardware and personnel within it’s own borders was beyond me, but a lot of people bought into that fear porn again. Whilst buying into that, most people forgot to acknowledge the fact that the west was stationed all around the world in foreign countries engaging in hostile activities, which is also called hypocrisy!

With all that’s going on in Syria and the west finally admitting that it isn’t about taking out ISIS, but it’s about taking out Bashar al-Assad, I really wouldn’t be at all surprised if, and when, the move is executed to strike Assad, Putin will storm west and take Kiev in a lightening strike maneuver. Why not? The west are doing the same in foreign, sovereign lands. Western hypocrisy will only stand for so long with the the two super power allies of Russia and China, China now being confirmed as the largest economy on the planet surpassing the US earlier this month.
To further solidify my thoughts you have to take into respect the huge gas pipelines that are Russia’s, that feed large areas of Europe it’s gas supplies, the UK included. If these pipelines were to be attacked at any point, or syphoned, this is more reasons for Russia to make a move on Ukraine. It’s within Russia’s interests to fully stabilise this region as quick as possible.

It’s just a matter of time, and if the billboards in Russia showing the Russian flag going all the way to Kiev are to be taken seriously, I’d be paying very close attention to this region and Syria in the coming weeks and months. Ebola could well be just another distraction to keep your eyes off the ball while this is all being set into place, and to sell you all another fast-tracked vaccine that is.

Just some more news being kept out of the mainstream useless media.

– Chris Yates

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