CDC; US Needs To ‘Rethink’ Ebola Containment Efforts

Ebola Update –

As with everything with this Ebola situation nothing is clean cut. I have tried to cover all bases, but it’s far too hard to nail down facts, especially when official bodies such as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) keeps changing their stories on how Ebola, real or not, is spread. I want to stay as unbiased as possible on this to keep the information flowing, because as soon as you pick a side to investigate deeper, it’s always the other side that seems to be the ultimate endgame. Like you should always do, watch the the hand that isn’t doing anything in the magicians illusion, because that’s where the magic is happening. Same goes for government bodies and mainstream media.

So as of late, “CDC says, US needs to ‘rethink’ Ebola containment efforts.” This is very confusing for anyone who has been keeping up to date with this situation as it unfolded. Either since early this year, or since the first known Ebola patient was confirmed on US soil in Dallas, Texas, earlier this month. Confusing because there seemed to be no efforts to prevent Ebola landing on US soil, or really sloppy efforts to contain it once it was confirmed that Mr Thomas Eric Duncan was a victim of Ebola. It all seems to be far too late for them to be doubling up on efforts all of a sudden. Would it be fair to suggest that if Ebola is a real threat, that it was allowed to advance hugely before any efforts were called upon to finally act in a serious manner about it all. It’s not like it was a big surprise to anyone, especially when you’re in a position of power.
This is just my opinion, I think it is ridiculous how Ebola has been handled so far. For the potential to be catastrophic, the CDC of all people have been catastrophic in their efforts to notify the public factually, prevent the situation from occurring, and containing the situation once it had broke out.

In the early days of Ebola being known as to be a threat to countries outside of west Africa, the CDC is the organisation that had told/lied to the public that they had everything in check, all of the measures were affective enough, they even said they had procedures set up in the airports and there was no reason for them not to work……. Until Mr Duncan had slipped through these procedures by simply lying about his current condition. Effective, yeah right!
Since then, there has been a second case, a nurse, Nina Pham, who was in full protective gear whilst in direct contact with Mr Duncan. Even the cause of how Nina Pham became infected doesn’t marry up to how the CDC currently admits how Ebola is effectively spread. Straight away the CDC jumped to “breach of protocol” as a damage limitation tactic, and to quell the incoming panic that is being conditioned on millions of people in the US.

Since we’re on the subject of “fully geared up,” and infection being possible to those who are fully geared up, just as a refresher, here’s the biggest doozies that have happened so far in the US.

1) Thomas Eric Duncan was picked up from his apartment vomiting heavily on the side walk. Which means he was vomiting heavily inside of the ambulance, and infecting the ambulance crew. That same ambulance had then been used for a further 48 hours, possibly infecting every single patient in the 48 hour time frame.

2) Thomas Eric Duncan had been staying at the apartment he was picked up from by the ambulance crew, and that apartment wasn’t quarantined for 5 days after T.E.D’s admission to hospital. What about anybody else who was living in T.E.D’s apartment, a child that had been going to school all that time, so there’s the school with possible infections. Who lived in that apartment block. If this Ebola Zaire strain is transmittable via airborne capabilities, then surly that entire apartment block will be infected.

3) The flight that T.E.D flew in on was never quarantined, the passengers on the flight must have been subjected to some form of infection.

Those are just some of the categorical errors, and total disregard to human life. If you took a step back and looked into each problem since T.E.D’s arrival in America you’d have to admit that this whole scenario is looking very much like a staged event or a set up. A set up maybe for more American rights to be diminished, and of course these big fat cats set to profit hugely on one of many vaccines that are being fast-tracked through the testing phases right now.

Just someone please tell me though how you test for side effects on any drug, or vaccine while fast-tracking it. I thought the bulk of side effects occurred over a long period of time. There is just so many holes in all this for it not to be a set up. If this was legit, the utmost priority would have been prevention, not containment, and that’s why Dr Tom Frieden, head of the CDC needs to come straight with a lot of people in the handling of the possible out break so far. In my opinion, actions speak louder than words. Since there has been no actions, it’s safe to say that all this is just words, again, just my opinion.

People need to start taking this into their own hands now, that’s if you want the real information on Ebola. You need to step up and demand it, or you’re just going to keep getting spoon fed little bits of truth and a lot more lies. The spoon feeding will be to restrain panic for as long as possible, because let’s face it, as soon as panic sets in, there will be a cascade effect of the collapse of the system, society, and stock markets. Not a good day!

Among other things who knew of the info scrubbing that has been taking place on a huge level. In the mainstream media, and for an example the website for the which is the link below, isn’t what the web page was before the info scrubbing. It got turned to a BS page. The original page went into how Ebola can be spread from person to person within 3 feet, or within the same room. The only thing they couldn’t scrub was the URL because it still exists to this day. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourselves, just look at the empty page and look at the task bar at the top of your screen it will say

So what do you make of a so called virus that is meant to exist, but doesn’t exist on the levels governing bodies are saying it exists at. One side being W. Africa saying it’s all false, and that the Red Cross brought Ebola to them with the meningitis vaccine campaign where 100,000,000 were vaccinated. Or do you go with the CDC who has been caught lying on multiple occasions. What if it is real, that Ebola can be spread like the Flu, through aerosol droplets from coughs and sneezes, and can also survive on surfaces for several hours.

This whole thing just stinks of a Psy-Op, and one that is to keep you all confused and panicked as much as possible, until they give you all the solution. Once everything is set up, the vaccines are fully stockpiled, all the Points Of Dispersion (POD’s) are in place, they will make sure then that panic reaches critical levels and you go to them as the last bastion of hope, and you willingly take the shot. That’s what they seem to want out of all this, and is the most logical explanation for the way this has all been handled thus far.

It’s very important that everyone keeps a very open mind about all this. At the moment the truth behind all these riddled facts is that Ebola could swing either way, real, fake, vaccine hype, occupying west Africa for the newly discovered oil reserves, take your pick, but as soon as I know, I will be posting it.

– Chris Yates



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