You’re A Warmonger!

You’re A Warmonger:-

If you have 900 hundred military bases in other people’s countries, some people might just conclude, well, you’re a warmonger!

If you spend more on your military than virtually all the other countries in the world combined, you might just be considered, an overly well endowed, and not to shy to show it, kind of warmonger!

If you send out a memo describing plans to invade, and over throw 7 countries over 5 years, you pretty much might be thought of as grandiose, thinking ahead, aggressive kind of warmonger!

If many years ago one of your leaders warned of grave threats posed by the military industrial complex, yet they continue to gain power and control, you’re likely an inattentive, hardcore, forever lasting, status quo is good for yo’ kind of warmonger!

If Frank Zapper is known to have said (quote) “Government is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex.” Then clearly someone understands, you’re a frickin warmonger!

If you think war boosts the economy, but haven’t seen a chart which shows the immense debt incurred by war in military campaigns, sadly you’re terribly misinformed, or just a don’t understand numbers kind of warmonger!

If you refuse to acknowledge your own intelligence reports, as well as those from the United Nations regarding the absence of weapons of mass destruction, but instead use the phoney excuse of WMD’s as a pretext for war. You’re without a doubt a lying, cunning, deceitful, let’s win this bitch using the respected “black guy” kind of warmonger!

If the country to whom you give 3.1 billion dollars each year, uses white phosphorous chemical weapons on civilians and you don’t bat an eye lid, but you make a big stink when some other country purportedly uses chemical weapons. You’re really just an immoral, hypocritical, double talking, forget about it unless it’s the other guy, kind of warmonger!

If your media propaganda machine tells the public to “support the troops or shut up!” You might as well admit it, you’re a single minded, you’re either with us, or you’re against us A’ hole kind of warmonger!

If you claim (quote) “There’s no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on it’s citizens from outside it’s borders.” But then carry out thousands of drones and missile strikes which kill countless civilians and are surprised that they get mad at you. You’re not only incredibly naive, and suffer from grossis hyprocritis, you’re basically an incredible, brain leaking warmonger!

If you consistently paint a picture of other countries as being evil threats to your security or are of your (quote) “interests”, yet these countries have not invaded anyone else for centuries, all the while you’ve been invading, occupying, and overthrowing countless other nations for decades. You are an unstoppable brute, who slept through history class, cry baby bullied in the school yard, kind of warmonger!

If you consistently speak about international community support for your position, when over 2.5 billion people in China, Russia and elsewhere disagree with you. You’re one power hungry, delusional, thick headed, wet fart of a warmonger!

If you claim to support whistle blowers, and then go ahead and sentence one to 35 years in prison for exposing atrocities in your warmongering, you’re pretty much a contradictory, disingenuous, unreasonable, never to be trusted again, pain in the butt, I don’t wanna have anything to do with you kind of warmonger!

If you have laws which allow you, and only you, to decide whether certain citizens are somehow linked with what only you call “terrorism” and you deny suspects their day in court to defend themselves, and just throw them in prison, which you have conveniently renamed as “detainment”. You are an unfair, unjust, uncivil, euphemism brandishing, paranoid warmonger!

If you put Uranium on you warheads causing 100’s of thousand of unintended deaths, and serious injuries to those exposed to it’s radiation, including thousands of your own soldiers, and then deny all of this, some people might just think of you as one totally insensitive, callus, sloppy, irresponsible, safety last warmonger!

If you’ve spent a lot of years, and trillions of tax payers dollars, virtually bankrupting yourself fighting Al-Qaeda, and somehow find yourself on the same side as them in a conflict you actually helped orchestrate, pretty much anybody you’d talk to would say you’re a totally inept, devoid of common sense, confused MOFO of a warmonger!

If you’ve been at war for 210 of the 236 years of your existence. You don’t know anything else but how to be a good warmonger!

If the majority of people oppose military action, but you do it anyway, you’re almost certainly, without a doubt, completely out of touch, hopelessly lost, verifiable warmonger!

“Good morning America! You might not realise it. but You’re A Warmonger!

Demand truth. Desire peace!

Thanks to Bill Doerrfeld.

(I would just like to state that these examples of a warmonger isn’t just aimed at America, but the leaders of super powers that lead their pursuit on wars using outrageous hypocrisy.
It is neither aimed at any one countries citizens, just those that call them selves leaders and models of authority. Hope you enjoyed the read)

Chris Yates



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