The End Game

I have been calling this the endgame for months. For a long time I have seen where this is heading, and was obvious to me, and it should have been obvious to you all too.
Barack Obama & Co could not get in and destroy Bashar al-Assad last year, perhaps maybe because the UK’s part of the coalition wasn’t allowed out to play because people saw through the need for more war.
What has been done though meanwhile in the last 12 months or so is western backed militants have been flooded into the region of Iraq and Syria under the alphabet soup names and old splinter groups of militants from wars past, hence the epic fails of more war!

Senator John McCain, and senator Lindsey Graham had recently come out and have had the nerve to state that ISIS is there because of Assad, as if he is responsible, he is letting them do this, he is letting them grow, and that he is the one behind all this, and that ISIS are his barbarians. What a load of verbal defecation!
I hear and read hypocrisy on a daily basis while studying and watching the moves of geopolitical super powers, the puppets of the invisible puppeteers, but these latest comments from the two of the three stooges has near enough took first prize in the huge pile of horse crap awards. I mean is there anybody actually out there reading this post believing in anything that McCain and Lindsey have said. If you do you’re probably one of those fools that thinks bombing a country brings peace and prosperity.

The words of McCain and Graham have only solidified my concerns of which I brought up way before the decision was made to laughingly bomb ISIS. What does anybody with a single active brain cell think that bombing foreign countries is going to rid you of a militant/s group that is in possession of a land mass the size of the UK. Of course there was always going to be the need for “boots on the ground” which is customary after any form of aerial assault, or bombardment. Who’s going to clean up, and catch the rest of the boogeymen after such idiotic displays of aerial might?
Assad was always the main plan, which was plain to see for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear and an open mind to ask critical questions when a situation doesn’t look right from the offset. For some reason though more eyes and ears chose more to listen to the lies and horrific images of what a real war is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smart bomb or a sharp knife, they both kill, no matter how you look at it, both kill innocents, hostages or unsuspecting.

Back to the two stooges. They went on to state that Mr Assad had all but created the Islamic State through the slaughter of nearly 2000 Syrians, and has knowingly allowed the group to grow and operate with impunity inside of Syria because it better suits Assad’s purposes!? <—- (Hypocrisy)
That is not true for the simple fact, and if you have been paying attention you should know this that ISIS have been battling and attacking Assad, not aiding him!
They went on to say, until we can confront this reality we can never stop them! They also say it is implausible to arm and train 5000 Syrians to fight ISIS whilst they are protecting them from Assad’s air strikes. It is also unrealistic when we are going to drop these targeted air strikes that these other groups will come in and take over, because they have no clue what we are doing, because we are not coordinating with them. So for this, we will have to have forces on the ground to make sure that the air strikes are effective, and the only way to do this, and keep our troops safe is to REMOVE BASHAR AL-ASSAD!

This is like I said, the plan all along. Once removed from power, puppets will be installed, gold will be hauled, a Rothschild owned central bank will be installed, and one of the last sovereign nations of this hostile planet will no longer exist. This was never about ISIS, never!
You either choose to listen and learn, or you become part of the vast amount of people that have been suckered into supporting this sorry display of greed and suffering.

If you think it ends with the removal of Bashar al-Assad, you are also very much mistaken. Pay heed to the actions of Russia, China, and Iran once the attack on Assad has begun. Russia will undoubtedly push onto Ukraine as a show of like wise retaliation. Hey, if the west can do it, why can’t any other country? Or would that just be petty, or hypocritical on our behalf?
Geopolitics is nothing but a global puppet show with you the audience. Now you just have to wait for the big finally, and it ain’t gonna be pretty!
Who knows of world war one and the Spanish flu?
Ebola anyone?

Chris Yates



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