Ebola Is More Than Likely Airborne

There is now a group of German medical doctors in a peer reviewed medical journal published by Oxford University Press that has challenged key assumptions of the Ebola virus not being transmittable via airborne capabilities, as stated by Dr Thomas Friedman for Centre for Disease Control (CDC.) This journal is aimed directly at Dr Friedman who has changed up his story on Ebola countless times over the past few weeks. The CDC have tried scrubbing information from key websites, changed the story, the criteria, the modes of transmission etc.

Now though that most people are starting to come round to the idea that Ebola virus is a real threat, some real questions are being placed in front of the CDC, such as how are people in full protective gear being diagnosed with Ebola, or how are people that have had no contact with known people carrying the infection becoming infected?

They are being forced into saying that yes Ebola can be transmitted via aerosolized droplets of contaminated bodily fluids suspended in air. Now to me and you that would mean “airborne capabilities,” but not the CDC who refute those claims, because their definition of what airborne capabilities are is when you enter a room, for example, take one breath, and you instantly are contaminated with a virus. But that’s not a million miles away from someone sneezing or coughing that is the contagion, and a person who is either passing by or in the air stream of the contagion, or even in the same confined space, breaths in the aerosolized droplets and becomes infected, and that “doesn’t” display airborne capabilities. Sounds like sugar coating, or polishing the proverbial turd to me, but what can you do!?

The peer reviewed study also went on to state that those who are infected with the latest strain of Ebola does NOT need to be showing any signs of symptoms to be contagious. Ebola is still transmittable via coughing, sneezing and bodily fluids via aerosolized droplets and infected surfaces.
The most dangerous part about this fact is that hosts can be in infected with Ebola up to 3 weeks (21 days) without showing symptoms and infect countless people on a daily basis without any prior knowledge of doing so, what so ever. In fact Ebola’s on set has similar symptoms to that of the common flu.
The CDC has told countless people over the last few months that symptoms have to be showing for the host to become infectious. This is a key point that has been disproved in this peer reviewed journal. At the critical point of being able to stop this virus in it’s tracks, people didn’t know what to do or expect, and just went about their daily lives thinking that they would see someone that is clearly sick with Ebola. This is not good practice!

Some other critical evidence that came up in this journal was that of how the virus can mutate as it most from host to host. The DNA structure being able to change each transmission. You might think that this is nothing much to worry about, but if you think that if a vaccine is available for one type of strain or DNA structure of the proteins of the Ebola virus, if it has mutated or changed it’s DNA sequence then that vaccine is of no use. That is unless they have created a vaccine that is a one size fits all, but I think that’s very unlikely given the time frame this has come about.

One thing that is becoming very apparent is the fact that the American people especially are being played like fools, being lied to by this man Dr Thomas Friedman of the CDC. As the days go by, more and more scientists and doctors from around the world are screaming out that he has got it very wrong. Even professors at the University of Illinois in Chicago even challenged Dr Friedman and were dismissed. I’m not usually one for going with the main flow of people on any assumption, but on this occasion it is the doctors and scientists that are confirming what I found back in March/April of this year when this was all just a big fat conspiracy theory.

The biggest worry to come from all of this is when people are not showing symptoms. What would be the steps taken to contain an already out of control disease running rampant without detection?
Martial law! Confined to your own property at the power of government and a military takeover, because government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services).

Not a good outlook either way you look at it. To stop this virus from becoming intercontinental all our government had to do was ban all incoming, and out going flights from, and to the hot zone of west Africa. Human rights got in the way of solving that straight off the bat. The only choice left to do now would be to close all borders until this virus is completely annihilated, but that’s never going to happen when there is money to be made thanks to crony capitalism.

All we have is hope at this point. Hope that this doesn’t get to the levels of which can be logically forecast.-






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