Curious George And The Ebola Virus

October 3rd 2014 – The date that could be looked back on in history as the date the New World Order officially kicked in or began to progress. It was the date deciphered off the mysterious cube that was added to the Georgia Guidestones earlier last month in September. The Georgia Guidestones have carved into them the new 10 commandments. One of which is “To maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” To reduce the Earth’s population from 7.5bn to 500,000,000 is a reduction of approximately 93%. Commandments off who can only be assumed, and it’s not for me to push that assumption on anyone. It is for you to do your own curious research. (For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Georgia Guidestones I would recommend checking out the link posted with this blog.)

So what happened on the 3rd October this year. There was no new terrorist disaster, no new massive natural disaster, and even some sceptics even started to post that yet another “conspiracy theory” failed to show itself. There was however the very first case of Ebola on soil other than Africa. Ebola had officially been recognised as an intercontinental threat to humanity and exploded onto the mainstream news when Mr Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas, Texas.

This could have indeed been the start of something much bigger than we’d all like to accept, with new people being reported to have contracted Ebola every single day since Mr Duncan had been admitted into hospital. This could, as I’ve stated fit into the prophesies and the dates on the Georgia Guidestones far too perfectly. It is not only the fact that Ebola has potential to infect countless people, but you also have to take into account the cascade of events that will follow I.e. the stock markets crash, martial law, wide spread panic and chaos etc…

Is there any other way though that this threat of Ebola can be linked to The Georgia Guidestones other than what I have stated, things that you can find and learn from? Yes, there is a lot more. There is a frightening amount of similarities between current events and what seems to be future events that play them selves out through past stories, and pop culture cartoons. Sort of a predictive programming set up by our true leaders, which are the shadowy elite that own more than you’d ever think possible. Our governments are but puppets, and you are the paying audience, induced under the perpetual spell of work to pay taxes.

So to start off with pop culture cartoons, or any other popular TV show, and the predictive programming we are all subjected to without much of our acknowledgement I would like to start with a picture most people may have seen as of late on their times lines, and that is of a Simpsons episode with Marge holding a Curious George book called ‘Curious George And The Ebola Virus'(Picture below). This may seem insignificant to those that would not expect to find any hidden meaning in it, or dismiss it as a coincidence. Fair enough, but perhaps most famously it has also been proven that in another episode of the Simpsons aired on September 11th 1997, a date that raises red flags in the minds of billions of people, a magazine was held up showing 9/11 (picture below) predictive programming. Sure this could still be a coincidence, so I’ll continue!

Let’s take a look at the famous character George, from Curious George. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia “The books tells a story of a curious brown monkey named George, who was brought from his home in Africa, by ‘The Man In Yellow Hat’ to live with him in the big city.” Just like the Ebola virus, George was taken from his home in Africa and brought to the USA. His name George, could hint towards the Georgia Guidestones. In the last of the original series of books dating 1966, George ends up in the hospital just like the first Ebola victim Thomas Duncan. There is more. In the aforementioned excerpt from Wikipedia, we read that George was brought, or taken to the USA. This means a deliberate action. He was taken by ‘The Man In The Yellow Hat’ after he caught George. If George represents the virus, then ‘The Man In The Yellow Hat’ represents the carrier, Thomas Duncan.

This is what Wikipedia write about this mysterious character ‘The Man In The Yellow Hat.’ “The man is never mentioned by his name in any of the original adventures, or in any subsequent content over more than six decades. He is always either called ‘The Man’, or fully ‘The Man In The Yellow Hat’. When people speak to George about ‘The Man’ they often refer to him as ‘your friend’. However in the Curious George the movie in 2006, ‘The Man’ is referred to as ‘Ted’ throughout the film.”
So it was not until 2006 that the man who brought George from Africa got a name “Ted.”

Let us now look at our man who had brought Ebola from Africa. Thomas Eric Duncan, his initials spell T.E.D. You can’t help but notice the striking similarities between the guys in yellow haz-mat suits that are all over the media right now, and even at the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed, ‘The Man In The Yellow Hat’, or T.E.D. All in all, quite a lot of coincidences. I would say, I’m not suggesting that everything has been carefully planned as such, but what I am saying is as I’ve mentioned earlier in the blog, there are dark shadowy forces at work, way above the authority of any government that we all are meant to look up to and abide by. This could be their way of notifying the world of what they have planned for us, but that is for you all to decide and research for yourselves.

I am writing this to share my opinion, and findings, not teach. An open mind will always be rewarded with far greater understanding in what we are not being told. Science fiction, science fact. It’s always up to you to decide.

Chris Yates –

simp george ebola simpsons-9-11-1997-m11-622131
curious_george_and_the_man_in_the_yellow_hat_by_danidarko96-d4y4fj0 hazmat-suits


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