A Few Thing You Need To Know About Ebola

The current Ebola strain that is ravaging west Africa is a mutation of the original form. The mutation known as the Zaire strain has a better adapted incubation period, equalling a much higher and productive life cycle for the virus, or transmission.

Also through studies done with primates and rats, I think it was. Transmission of the virus was made possible without contact, suggesting heavily that the new Zaire strain has found a way to be transmitted via an airborne feature, of being able to survive in suspended droplets of moisture, i.e. from coughs, sneezes, perspiration, and breath. Also traces of the virus can survive up to 48hrs on a surface I believe, still looking in to that one!

This research was via the Kenema bioweapons lab in west Africa. It paints for a not so pretty picture, compared to that of the original strain of Ebola.

On top of all of that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) have admitted the virus has an airborne capability. It is of the CDC that is the only health agency in and around the shores of the north American continent still denies this fact.
Yes it seems that of fear porn, of course it is, but ask yourself, when is the correct time to start being prepared for the worst case scenario?
Wouldn’t you rather be prepared now and have but not need, than need and not have?
To be honest in my opinion, I’m taking the most believable rout of all this, and that is of all the stocks and investments that George Soros and Bill Gates (Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation) have placed in the vaccine for this more precise strain of Ebola. If you want to know where the real problems are in life, you should follow the money men and their decisions.

To finish off here though, the CDC has come out and stated these numbers:
By January 2015, 3 months away, or in the next 90 days the number of infections (could be world wide or just the United States, with it being the CDC, I’d say the latter) will be 1.4 million with and over whelming mortality rate of 50% (50% is questionable, I’d say higher due to the current incompetence that’s led us to this situation.) That’s 700,000 deaths by January and increasing incrementally. The WHO has so far reported that for global casualties of Ebola is 2900. Those projected numbers by the CDC are quite a jump, if not an explosion. Why would you forecast such damning numbers without a reason, or the know that there is going to be a major event due to this strain of Ebola?
It can’t be just down to wanting the emergency services and funeral homes to be ready for the worst case scenario. Surly you’d notify the public on how to avoid being stricken down by the virus so you’re not having to deal with the EMS, quarantine, body removal ect ect!

I also think in situations such as these it is important to take in as much information as possible, because mental readiness is key to avoiding being overwhelmed. That is if all of this isn’t fear porn. These are facts based on research since January. That doesn’t make me a Dr, but it means I know 99% more than 99% of the populace at this moment in time.

“Always prepare for the worst, then you are ready for anything!”

Chris Yates



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